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Rádio Real FM

90.1 FM Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais

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Rua Pandia Calógeras, 463 - Bauxita - Ouro Preto (MG) - CEP 35400-000

(31) 3551-7777

(31) 99160-9001



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nota milllllllllll.erinalda galdino quixeramobim,ce.I want to ask your help, I have no right to anything in the aria of health, and not in the area of educacoa.nao me enca, imham to work and when forward so I want to pay 200 reais in mepresas renome.ha of one year and seven months, who live on the street going through needs and nobody is nada.ja tried all authorities entrusted with the individual company in compentencia.a not met fortress imail sending me for the sao paulo also not even I sendpo kept under house arrest , locked in the house available only from a single roupa.fico starving in the streets, and people pretend to not see, a relative of mine promised he would humiliate me for the rest of my vida.e officials here do nothing, sleep on the floor in an open porch running physical risks, please need ajuda.ja talked to the mayor, social action, cras, depultados, delegates, lawyers, advocates, and the individual company, just say they can not do anything. I am in total abandonment by both the family as by the authorities.